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EUMS Medical Oncology Section Meeting Minutes during ASCO

July 3rd, 2018, McCormick Place, Chicago

Issues that are presented:

  1. EUMS Medical Oncology Section history
  1. Current MO Section Representatives
  1. MO Educational Training Requirement
  1. Explanation of MO Section involvement in EACCME activities
  1. MO Section involvement in MJC Oncology
  1. MO Section meetings during the regular UEMS Board Meetings

Issues that needs to be addressed and worked on:

  • To Increase representation of the MO Section by the countries not represented as yet: Reach out to ESMO representatives of these countries
  • Communication of the MO Section representatives by a WhatsApp group /
  • Setting up a web site once the resources are available
  • Increase collaboration with ESMO
  • Work toward a MO Board Exam as the other Sections are doing
  • Work toward the Accreditation of MO Centers as the other Sections are doing
  • Consider a membership fee to cover for web site and basic operational needs of the section: i.e. paying for meeting room at UEMS Domus Medica
  • Informing country representatives about what the UEMS is


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