Scientific update on Cancer and Oncology is a matter of high priority for HeSMO. A national Clinical Oncology Congress is held by HeSMO annually and every 2 years is organized in association with other national Scientific Societies like the Hellenic Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. These congresses are attended by the majority of greek medical oncologists along with other physicians, scientists and medical students. In addition, an Oncology Conference focused on a specific cancer topic is organised once a year.

A number of scientific meetings about oncology are organised under the auspices of HeSMO.

Moreover, every year new oncologists receive a subsidy for the costs of participation in congresses and meetings of high scientific interest in order to enhance their knowledge and medical training.

The important multidisciplinary role of the congresses and meetings organised by HeSMO is evident by the participation of physicians other than medical Oncologists who seek optimal scientific update on the demanding management and treatment of cancer.