HeSMO scholarships were first established in 1999 under the context of the Society’s strategy to support new oncologists wishing to train/ specialize abroad. The granting of HeSMO scholarships serves the need for financial support of young scientists to be trained in well-known centers in Europe or the USA in the field of clinical or laboratory oncology. A scholarship can last for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, and the entire grant process is included in the respective internal regulation for scholarships.

In 2000 HeSMO started to sponsor research programs and doctoral theses in order to allow young oncologists or research teams collaborating with a medical oncologist to carry out scientific work in approved centers of Greece in the field of clinical and basic translational research in oncology. The financial support for research protocols carried out in Greece was originally established as part of HeSMO’s effort to support laboratory / basic research in oncology.