The Hellenic Society of Medical Oncology (HeSMO) is a nonprofit scientific organization that promotes and fosters the exchange of current information and ideas relating to clinical research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Greece. HeSMO was founded in Greece in 1985 with currently 380 members representing the Hellenic Medical Oncologists taskforce in Greece and abroad. For the better support of young oncologists, in 2005 HeSMO established the Hellenic Group of Young Oncologists (HeGYO), which now embraces 200 members.

To achieve its purpose HeSMO:

  • Organizes education, information and research activities on malignant neoplasms.
  • Organizes scientific events (announcements, lectures, conferences, postgraduate seminars, etc.), aiming at the free circulation of ideas and knowledge on the subject of oncology.
  • Helps prevent and treat cancer in population groups.
  • Organizes and supports research efforts and grants scholarships for the training of young oncologists abroad.
  • Claims solutions, makes suggestions and intervenes in the respective state authorities for the optimal exercise and support of the specialty, for the modernization of health structures and for the proper treatment of cancer patients.
  • Draws up and coordinates therapeutic and diagnostic protocols to better treat neoplasms.
  • Collaborates with similar organizations in Greece and abroad as well as with patient / cancer associations.
  • Informs about the scientific developments and its activities with its means of communication (website, Oncology News, Forum of Clinical Oncology, social networks, etc.).

To date, HeSMO has organized 26 Panhellenic/ Hellenic Congresses of Clinical Oncology, 3 Turkish-Hellenic, 3 Multidisciplinary, 6 Thematic, 7 Courses of Studies of the Hellenic Academy of Oncology (EAKO), while a number of scientific events takes place under its auspices.

Since 1999, HeSMO has a strong presence over the Internet with its own website (www., the e-magazine Oncology News (, the social networks (facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram etc) and the scientific e-journal Forum of Clinical Oncology (

Over the last few years, HeSMO, despite the socio-economic conjuncture and the covid-19 pandemic, remains consistent, active and extrovert.